Monday, May 27, 2013

Dear Lauren,
look who came to visit today! Who could ask for a better friend? Thank you Aloma! We love you!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012


My thoughts have been on our birthday girl this entire day. Today I am listening to her songs and although it makes me a little sad, my heart is filled with joy as memories of her sweet face and special hugs flood my mind. 13 years ago today she changed our lives as she joined us here on earth. Today we continue to celebrate her life. Ofa atu Ren, I love you so much!!!

For your 13th birthday everyone gathered at Wasatch Lawn to spend the day at your spot. They rode their bikes and scooters and had cupcakes to celebrate your life and the memories we have of you. I remember your 12th birthday Ren. I flew in to Salt Lake a couple days before and grandma & grandpa picked me up from the airport. We were waiting for news about your lung surgery. I was so sad because I didn't know if you were going to make it to your actual birthday. I thought that the timing was all wrong. Why now? Why, when your birthday was just around the corner? Birthdays are supposed to be a happy time where you shower the birthday person with gifts and eat cake and ice cream. It just wasn't fair. I talked with grandma & grandpa that night on the way to the hospital and grandpa helped put things into perspective for me. He reminded me that we were so lucky to have had you for almost 12 years. And I couldn't help but agree. I couldn't help but feel gratitude in my heart for the almost 12 years we got to spend with you. I remember a special gift that your grandma Sina gave you. I walked into your hospital room as she was getting ready to leave. She had tears in her eyes and she stood over you. At the foot of your bed laid a beautiful blanket. It was one of her signature blankets. She's made them for all of the grandkids, but this one was special. Right when I seen it I started to cry. It was a Tangled blanket just for you. As she left I told her how beautiful it was and she said that she was saving it for your birthday, but felt like it was fitting to give you your gift that day. The day before you surgery. We spent a lot of time at the hospital. Trying to soak up every minute that we could with you. I remember talking with your Mama and being overcome with the peace that she exuded. The next day, after hours of operation, we received news from your team at Primary Children's. You did it. Despite the odds that were placed against you... you did it Ren. You survived your surgery. You made it to 12 years. You did exactly what you said you were going to do. You fought. And you won. On March 22, 2011 we celebrated your survival. We celebrated your strength. We celebrated your life, your love, and the joy that your brought to our family. We celebrated another year that you gave us. Although you are no long here on earth with us, March 22 will always be a special day. A day where we celebrate the life of an Angel. We love you so much and are grateful for another year that we can remember you and the time you blessed us with.

Ofa lahi atu,
Auntie Kiki

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dear Lauren,
Happy birthday, my angel princess! I know it sounds cheesy when people say "I remember it just like it was yesterday....." but I do. I remember the events that took place the day you blessed us w/ your presence. I'll spare you the details but I remember only holding you for a short time because everyone else wanted to hold you, all your beautiful hair, and the conversation that took place as everyone took turns giving you love. I remember a funny moment as we were saying prayer to give thanks for our little angel, the Dr bursts in through the door and practically shouts "hey let's see that little beautiful baby" looks around, sees we're saying prayer, turns around in embarrassment and exits the room all w/in a matter of seconds. I couldn't help but laugh.
Although I miss you more than words can say, I rejoice on this day and reflect on the many birthdays we were fortunate enough to have spent w/ you, as you celebrate your first birthday in heaven. With all the tears I shed as I write you a few words, I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to see you through 12 years. I miss you so much and love you with all my heart, my sweet, sweet princess. Happy 13th birthday!